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How Can a Psychologist Help?

When a child is struggling in school or has a change in mood or behavior, there could be a variety of causes.  A psychologist can help to find the reasons for these difficulties and recommend treatments, solutions, or academic accommodations to help your child. 

A clinical psychologist has a doctorate in the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of human functioning.  Additionally, at North Florida LBH, the psychologist working with you has specific training and expertise in childhood difficulties such as learning Disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.   

When your child sees a psychologist at North Florida Learning and Behavioral Health, he or she will receive high-quality, personalized, and friendly care.  After meeting with you to hear your concerns and gather important information, the psychologist will evaluate your child to give you the answers you are looking for regarding why these concerns are present. 

Testing By a NFLBH Psychologist vs. the School
While schools often offer evaluations for academic struggles, there can be a long wait period to get this service.  Many parents prefer to receive a private evaluation by a licensed psychologist through North Florida Learning and Behavioral Health in order to receive answers and the necessary help for their child as soon as possible. 

Testing by a NFLBH Psychologist vs. Tutoring or Learning Centers
While tutoring can be very helpful in giving your child additional help in certain subjects, the assessments conducted at most of these centers are not the same as a psychological evaluation at NFLBH.  The psychologist working with your child will utilize standardized testing measures to look at the underlying learning processes involved in academic tasks.  The licensed clinical psychologist working with you has extensive training and expertise in identifying specific underlying causes for learning difficulties.


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